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I get a lesion on the back of my leg once in a while? What is this called ?i start taking Valacyclovir as soon as I see some redness. Is there and cream I can put on the skin to help it heal faster.

  • Asked by Anonymous in Herpes Jun 25, 2019
  • Posted on Jul 09, 2019


    Maybe you could try Abreva? It's used for cold sores. Otherwise, once it's a sore use baking sode to dry it out. Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide might also help, but keep in mind all 3 of these options will burn like heck for a bit.

  • Posted on Jun 28, 2019

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    Wow all the people on here and the positive singles help group and the only response does not even answer the question I asked. The spot I am referring to is where is was tested for hsv thank you so I’m pretty sure it’s not folic acid from certain food products.

  • Posted on Jun 26, 2019


    I would have it skin tested. There is other causes for for the same looking rash. One is from folic acid in certain food products.

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